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Peace Will Dawn© 2005, Local Honey Music, ASCAP - used with permission. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

by Timmy Abell

Recorded on Little Red Wagon


Listen to Peace Will Dawn


~~ It’s darkest right before the dawn
So no one knows when peace will come
It’s like times we feel lost in the dark
When love goes hiding from our hearts
But then the sun’s rays split the night
And scatter darkness into light
Wake up, wake up ...... it’s a brand new day
Another chance for peace to find a way


~~ Around and ‘round the seasons go
Summer rains and winter snow
Changing.....changing every day
So clouds of war can fade away
Just let the world keep spinning ‘round
That’s how the proper time is found
As winter finds its way to spring
A path to peace is unfolding


~~ Wise men say that nothing lasts
Time goes on, “This, too, shall pass.”
Right now we’re here inside this song
........Then another comes along
There is one thing, though, deep inside
It never changes, ........never dies
The part of us where love begins
Goes on and on.... and never ends


~~ Many rivers flow down to the sea
Many hearts together.... lead to peace
Then rising high, then raining down
The water circles ‘round and ‘round
Tomorrow brings another day
The seasons somehow find their way
If love goes on and on and on......
Peace in our hearts will surely dawn


If love goes on and on and on......
Then peace on earth will surely dawn




A sense of beauty, an invitation to wonder and the irrepressible desire to have a good time – Timmy Abell’s music offers families a reflection of these most important gifts of childhood.


Timmy has spent 30 years as a nationally recognized touring artist bringing songs of peace and peacefulness to young audiences everywhere.


Information about his work and his music, with ordering details, is available at this

Recording used with permission.




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