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Stellar Peacemaking

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Vol.2 No. 2, 2007



My Feet Are Tired ©2006 - used with permission. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

performed by ANNE FEENEY

from the Album  If I Can't Dance


Listen to My Feet Are Tired


Words and Music by Bernard Gilbert & Jon Fromer©
Percussion: Ken Burris, Bass: Mark Perna, Keyboard: Nelson Harrison

My feet are tired, my feet are tired
My feet are tired, but my soul is rested


1955 that's a lifetime ago Remember"l like Ike"-
Remember Jim Crow?
On a bus in Montgomery -
A southern town
That black woman started something
When she sat down
Thousands walked to work
In the morning light
Thousands walked home
Through the rain at night
Every day for a week,


Every week for a month
It took more than a year
Before it was done!


If you had been there
You could have heard people say
"I always hoped my kids
Would see a better day,"
Lately I must say I've changed my mind
I want to see freedom in my time!




Recording used with permission.



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