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Vol. 2  No. 3,  2007

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Untitled: Poem in the shape of a P

By Marquita K. Bell


We paint our pledges of peace upon the Walls

But the promises peel away with hateful monsoons
We repaint                                                             them
again using                                                         doubtful
strokes We                                                        must dip
our brushes                                                   in compro-
mise; agree                                               to disagree
Obliterate                                              the grudges
Accept the                                   various pigments
Understand their origins Wipe off the excessive
Ignorance Not covet walls outside of our own
Allow one
to paint freely
For how can the
portrait of peace
ever be created
with  the
foul stench
of  hatred
the canvas?

Marquita K. Bell, Age 17, San Diego High School, Grade 12






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