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Pachamama's Prayer Flag

by Alana Lea

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Pachamama's Prayer Flag by Alana Lea



Pachamama's Prayer Flag

The beautiful being in the center is the creation of Brazilian artist Luz Castenada, who I met in the summer of 2006 as she traveled with her companions. She told me this angel was guiding her (a former scientist), to give us all symbols for our Transformation.  While contemplating that Transformation I set Pachamama amidst butterflies I had painted integrated with the Amazon rainforest's mystical healing herb Uña de Gato.

Coincidentally, at that time I was reading "The Soul of Money" by Lynne Twist when I came upon her story of the indigenous people of the Amazon and their name "Pachamama," for Mother Universe. So, I named Luz's angel. The next coincidence came quickly....

As a 20 year+ student and teacher of sacred dance, I was with one of my mentors, Shabda Khan for a weekend retreat and had gifted him with a set of the newly printed prayer flags I had created. He hadn't yet  studied the images, but nonetheless he led us in a traditional song and dance of Pachamama that he had recently learned. At that time, I felt the prayer had been sealed, completely.

I look forward to leading others in her song, her dance and to share her message of Transformation for these times.

Alana Lea 

This painting used by permission.







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