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Call for Submissions:

Below are the sections of this journal to which submissions can be made. To maintain a balance in the journal contents, literature that has bCntr, ,een submitted for publication will be reserved until the optimal time is evident for posting it in JSP. In that timing process, authors are responsible for informing the editors of JSP if they have given the copyright for their work to anyone one else who would not want it also published in JSP. A permissions agreement for publication must be signed and delivered to the editors of this journal prior to publication of any material in it.   Submissions may be made electronically at this link.

Journal Sections:

True Stories

True stories that illustrate with 1500 words or less how peace has happened at any time and in any place.

Theoretical Foundations and Research

Analytical works that explain in 5000 words or less how peace occurred and the processes that facilitated it. Data and research procedures to support claims must be carefully described in the methodology section of the article to be published.

Artistic Descriptions

Poetry, music lyrics, photographs, and graphic illustrations of real peace processes that have occurred may be submitted for possible publication.