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Chicken Soup for the Soul Stories for a Better World became available in bookstores starting 23 August 2005. This collection of true stories had a title change since its content collection. However, its theme is still peace development. You can order your copy now by using a link on the left of this page for one of the book's sellers. Go to the Resources page of the PeaceMaker SiTe to find many aids for peace development, including the peacebuilding music of the book's coauthor Linda Williams. 
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Chicken Soup for the Soul
Stories for a Better World

This book evidences one story at a time our possibilities for achieving a better world through peace in our families and with our friends as well as in our schools, communities, businesses, governments, relations among nations and with our environment.

Interacting nonviolently with ourselves and others, peacefully managing and resolving conflicts, providing equity and justice for all, living in non-judgmental ways, in addition to taking care of our environment are achievements that characterize a better world.

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Developing a better world occurs through choices. Choosing to know, manage and peacefully express our thoughts and emotions, understand the needs of others as well as our own and constructively problem solve comprise the foundation of the better world we are building.

On that foundation of conscientious choices we construct through our interactions with others the framework of the world we want. The blocks of peace are set in place daily to build our better world. The composition of those blocks is as diverse as the lives on this planet. Best suited for the job of constructing our better world are blocks made with the following:

Awareness, Creativity, Diversity, Acceptance, Appreciation, Kindness, Love, Patience, Encouragement, Laughter, Compassion, Forgiveness, Nonviolence, Vision, Commitment and Courage.

Our ability to build a better world is evident in the true stories that we could fit in this book and the countless others that were shared with us as we developed this inspiring collection. We greatly appreciate all of those stories and their writers who chose to:

* take charge of their own lives,
* value and know themselves as well as others,
* show honor and respect for all,
* practice personal and social responsibility,
* summon courage for nonviolence,
* resolve conflicts compassionately, and
* work hard to achieve peace

Their stories show us how we each can construct the peaceful world we want.

Beyond a celebration of the work many people are doing to bring about a better world, this book is a tool and curriculum for learning how it can be done. As you read this book, think about how you can put the message and spirit of each story to work in your own lives.

We invite you to join so many others who have a vision of, a commitment to and courage for building the peaceful world that we all need. Our unity in that goal is evident in more than this literature. You can see it in international agreements such as Manifesto 2000 for Peace and Nonviolence, the UNESCO Decade for a Culture of Peace, many other similar commitments, thousands of peace-focused organizations and the actions of people who continually work to achieve a better world. Please join us in these opportunities for peace development. Thank you.

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